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S-1 Registration Statements

S-1 Registration StatementS-1 Registration Statements are filed with the SEC in order to register the sale of stock. The S-1 Registration Statement is primarily a detailed business and financial summary of the Company going public and its intended use of the proceeds that will be raised in the registered offering.

Elements of the S-1 Registration Statement Include but are not limited to;

  • Discussions of the Company’s business, its operations and the market in which it operates
  • Profiles of the Company’s management
  • Audited financial statements prepared by a PCOAB auditor or PCOAB Auditing firm
  • Disclosures of the Company's business
  • A breakdown of any assets or properties the Company may own or control
  • Profiles about the Company’s officers and directors
  • Material transactions involving the Company and its officers and directors
  • Legal proceedings that may impact the Company
  • The Company’s plan for distributing securities to the investment public
  • The Company’s intended use of proceeds derived from its securities offering
  • Any other relevant information that may impact the investment public’s decision to participate in the Company’s offering

As opposed to going public through a reverse merger, a Company that goes public through the filing of a S-1 Registration Statement is not exposed to any undisclosed liability that may come along with a public shell. Whereas a Company going public through a reverse merger with a public shell must conduct extensive due diligence in order to uncover any debts, liens, shareholder or regulatory issues that were generated by the shell company’s previous officers and directors, the Company going public by filing a Registration Statement does not.

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