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Reverse Merger Companies

Reverse Merger Companies

For the past 50 years reverse mergers with public shells have proven successful time and time again. Naysayers, alternative methods for going public, and a variety of other going public strategies come and go, but reverse mergers seem to have surpassed them all and withstood the test of time with many successful reverse merger companies.

The following are just a few high-profile reverse merges that resulted in some of the most well-known public companies of all times.

  • In 1950 Armand Hammer decided to take his company public via reverse merger creating Occidental Petroleum.
  • In 1970 Ted Turner took his fledgling billboard company public into a defunct television company known as Rice Broadcasting. The new public company was renamed Turner Broadcasting.
  • In 1996 Muriel Siebert gained control of a down and out furniture company called J. Michaels. After completing her reverse merger she renamed the company Siebert Financial. It stands today as one of the most prominent financial services companies in the world.

Additional Reverse Merger Companies

It should also be noted that companies such as Waste Management, Blockbuster Entertainment, Radio Shack, Berkshire Hathaway and even the New York Stock Exchange went public by reverse merger with a public shell company.

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