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Going Public

Go Public the Right Way

Our firm advises companies going public on the Over the Counter (OTC) markets such as the Pink Sheets, OTCBB (Over the Counter Bulletin Board) and national exchanges such as the NASDAQ (National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations). Even start-up companies can go public on the Pink Sheets and OTC Bulletin Board since these venues do not have asset or revenue requirements like their larger counterparts. Moreover, the NASDAQ. Pink Sheet and OTC Bulletin Board companies still have a solid chance at raising capital, and there are many advantages of going public.

Going Public by a Reverse Merger with a Public Shell

A reverse merger with a clean public shell is still a very popular and effective means of going public. While many “public company consultants” will use scare tactics to dissuade you from a reverse mergers with a public shell it is simply because their goal is to become entrenched in your company. Instead merely assisting you in going public, they will require that they retain a substantial amount of your company stock to assist you with Registration Statements that must be filed by a securities attorney anyway.

Regulations regarding reverse mergers are always changing; consequently it is more important than ever before to retain a securities attorney you can work with for the long haul.

Our Firm Represents Many Public Companies

You need a diligent and reliable securities attorney with at least ten years of experience. They should be well versed in all aspects of public offerings, the going public process, reverse mergers, forward mergers, the 15C-211 application process, S-1 Registration Statements, and all other aspects of going public. Moreover, securities laws and the interpretation thereof are always evolving. Securities law cannot be practiced part-time.

Going Public Advice

If you are considering going public directly, through an S-1 Registration Statement or want to go public through a reverse merger with a public shell, contact us immediately. Our securities attorneys will advise you on private placement memorandums (PPM), reverse mergers, forward mergers, raising capital, how to go public. Other topics will include public shell companies, due diligence, start-up capital, seed capital, market makers, how to take your company public, and how to raise capital as a public company.

Going Public Professionals

Our firm maintains longstanding relationships with market makers, PCOAB auditors, EDGAR filers, transfer agents, and other industry professionals who are integral to the process of going public and completing reverse mergers with public shells.

Once you go public these aforementioned professionals will act as your public company support team. Having these relationships in place beforehand allows the going public process to be virtually seamless. They will assist you, the public company, whether you are conducting a direct public offering (DPO), performing audits, or simply fulfilling your mandatory SEC reporting requirements.

Go Public Process & Procedures

We simplify the going public process for corporate officers unfamiliar with how to go public, and also provide clarification of terms like: 15c211, reverse merger, market maker, Regulation D, Rule 504, Rule 506 equity offerings, corporate finance, direct public offering (DPO), raising capital, capital sourcing, GAAP Standards, capital formation, and public shell corporation.

Going Public, Reverse Mergers and Public Shells

Traditionally, many companies still opt to initiate a reverse merger with a public shell when going public. Our firm handles all aspects of due diligence on the she public shell to be acquired including research into all S-1 Registration Statements, Rule 15c211 applications, Form 8-K, 10-K, or 10-Q, previous reverse mergers, all EDGAR (Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval) filings and of course, any previous capital raises.

The alternative to a reverse merger with a public shell would be going public direct through an initial public offering or private placement followed by re-sale registration statement both using the Form S-1 Registration Statement.

Please review our site carefully to familiarize yourself with alternatives to reverse mergers as well as the reverse merger process itself. Although filing an S-1 Registration Statement is a solid alternative to a reverse merger with a public shell, whichever avenue you decide to pursue depends on your specific circumstance.

Contact us today. Inquiries of a technical nature are always encouraged.

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